About HP

HP has devoted to image products market since 2006 and sold worldwide. HP as a technology pioneer contributes not only on IT industry, but also image industry. Digilife has been the main and most important partner of HP through the journey of development.

Image products have raised rapidly. HP realized the importance of image solution will have a huge revolution that will change people's life. Thus, HP cooperated with its partner Digilife in planning the whole new image product line. As expected, this product exploded into popularity after being launched.

  • What is HP ?

    As a supplier of the world's largest information technology infrastructure, software, services and decision programs, HP offers services to individuals and various businesses.
  • All new HP for you !

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) is committed to providing high-quality products, services and solutions more value to customers, in order to win customer trust and customer loyalty.
  • We have the following conviction

    Our continued success depends on improving customer loyalty hand. Pay attention to customer feedback to truly understand customer needs and provide solutions to help customers succeed, it is a necessary prerequisite to improve customer loyalty.

About Digilife

Founded in 2002, Digilife has been focusing on image technology development and manufacture and favored by major world-class branding companies. Digilife boasts as the best understanding of the consumer and market trends company, help customers add their branding value. IT industry leader, HP gave Digilife worldwide exclusive agency rights to plan, sell and provide after-sales service for all the image products in 2014. This is the first time ever HP has comprehensive cooperation with one company.